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Dr. Newman prides himself in using the safest and most effective treatments available to naturally address your concerns. When it comes to enhancing your nose, we look at the whole face opposed to just your nose. We examine all angles of the nose to see how the face naturally moves with your expressions and check for any additional areas that need to be addressed to enhance your facial harmony and boost your confidence. Here are some of our most common treatments we use to help you achieve the nose you have always dreamed of:

The Stem Cell Lift

Non-surgical nose job
No scars, no general anesthesia
Natural, permanent results

Dr. Newman’s Stem Cell Lift® technique offers a new paradigm in nose surgeries as it addresses and overcomes the problems encountered with a surgical rhinoplasty. First, because there is no cutting, scars or sutures- the Stem Cell Lift® is able to lift, straighten and restore volume to the nose without leaving any evidence of a surgery. Moreover, the stem cell lift can also address the undereye area simultaneously to restore the proportions and give back the youthful nose to undereye ratio. By utilizing the stem cells found in your own fat this procedure also includes a mini liposuction- so not only do you get to perfect your nose, but you also get to sculpt your body. The whole procedure can be performed with local anesthesia, there is no need for general anesthesia and since there are no incisions, that means no scars around the nose! With this revolutionary procedure, you can show off your new nose in the most natural, safest way.

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Hyaluronic Fillers

Straighten and lift your nose
Little to no downtime

Nose fillers in Beverly Hills are a popular treatment for patients who are looking to temporarily enhance the shape of their nose with very little downtime. With a “liquid rhinoplasty” Dr. Newman is able to skillfully sculpt, balance and straighten your nose with FDA approved fillers that can last up to 2 years. This is a perfect way to add volume to your nose, enhance the tip of your nose, smooth out any lumps/bumps, and even correct a slightly crooked nose.  

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OUR patients

I have counted on Dr Newman for YEARS to help me in fighting the ravages of time on my face. I have found him to be thoughtful, conservative in his approach, extremely personable, and an a very talented surgeon (results MATTER). My friends frequently say, "Why do you have any work done? You look GREAT!" I always tell them that the REASON I look good is because Dr Newman does such a good, and natural-looking job in his procedures. Thank you Dr Newman! <3
Eva C.m.