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Dr. Nathan Newman

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Cutting Edge Cosmetic Surgery, Without Cutting

The Vision

To improve the lives of our patients, redefining medicine through continued leadership in stem cell research and education

The Mission

To enhance and revitalize your sense of well-being, confidence and beauty through cutting edge technology, and an unparalleled level of personilized care.

The Values

Optimized care with integrity and compassion in a safe and trustworthy environment

Innovator Of The Stem Cell Lift®

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Newman discovered how to harness the power of stem cells to enhance and rejuvenate facial appearance. This discovery lead him on a life time mission dedicated to research and development of stem cell therapy technique for the betterment wellness and healing of his patients. With this proprietary technique, the highly concentrated stem cells found in fat are safely and optimally harvested, further concentrated, and re-injected into specific areas to repair, sustain, and rejuvenate targeted tissues. Since the introduction of this method, Dr. Newman has advanced applications for this revolutionary technique, including the use of stem cells in everything from skin improvement following surgery to treat cancers to the resolution of autoimmune-related skin disorders. The Stem Cell Lift® technique is transformative.

Dr. Newman is the founder and the Medical Director of the fully accredited, state-of-the-art, and respected Orchid Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Newman’s Orchid Surgery Center is the discrete destination for those seeking innovative, advanced, and rejuvenating techniques in cosmetic surgery and stem cell therapy. He is also the innovator of numerous global skin care and wellness stem cell products. Utilizing the body’s own natural intelligence, Dr. Newman’s   products have been best sellers globally  for over 15 years. 

Dr. Nathan Newman was educated and trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States. After attending the University of Southern California (USC) for undergrad, Dr. Newman received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He completed his internship in internal medicine at UCLA-VA Medical Center in Los Angeles and his residency in dermatology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He then completed his fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Riverside, California. He is Board Certified in Dermatology, specializes in cosmetic surgery, and is an expert in the field of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Nathan Newman is recognized as the authority in the mulititude of applications with stem cell therapy. His work has been published in many prestigious medical journals. He is not only a speaker and lecturer at numerous international medical meetings, but he is also interviewed by international print, radio, and television media. He has been honored by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, as well as the Cambridge Who’s Who for his leadership, dedication, and entrepreneurship as a cosmetic surgeon and a pioneer in stem cell technology. He is a 4 time patent holder for medical devices and biotechnology, including his most recent patent with ground breaking consortia factors.


Dr. Newman is an accomplished and innovative researcher with groundbreaking work in his field. He is highly acclaimed by industry leaders and the media, motivating us all to push the boundaries of knowledge.


Dr. Newman is an expert in skincare with a passion for excellence. His cutting-edge formulas meet diverse needs around the world, recognized globally for their quality and potency. He continues to refine his formulas and bring the benefits of his research to as many people as possible.

Thousand Patients

Dr. Newman has treated over 120k patients from all over the world.

of Medical experience

Dr. Nathan Newman is an exemplary researcher in stem cells. His dedication and focus have advanced medical science and set new standards. 







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Dr. Nathan Newman
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