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Are you dreaming of a curvier, more sculpted silhouette without the pain and risks of traditional surgery? Look no further than Newman’s approach to natural rejuvenation! His unique approach will not only examine your buttock in proportion with the rest of body but will also analyze the skin quality to ensure he develops a personalized treatment plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Stem Cell Treatment

Non surgical, natural alternative to buttock implants

Dr. Newman’s Stem Cell Lift® technique offers a new paradigm in buttock surgeries as it addresses and overcomes the problems encountered with the traditional implants. Most importantly, there is no cutting which means no scars! And moreover, by using your regenerative stem cells found in your fat, Dr. Newman is able to naturally volumize and lift your buttock to the optimal shape for your personalized figure. The procedure can be performed with a local anesthesia, there is no need for general anesthesia and since there is no cutting, that means no scars around the buttocks! With this revolutionary procedure, you can turn back the clock- by restoring the volume loss and skin quality your buttocks will so natural- no one will ever know that you had a procedure!

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Hyaluronic Fillers

Subtle improvement in size
Smooth out any cellulite or depressions

Using a variety of FDA approved fillers, Dr. Newman is able to easily sculpt and refine your buttocks to show off a shape/size that matches your unique figure. From correcting cellulite, “hip dips” or just giving an overall increase in size- this treatment is quick, has very little downtime and can have very long lasting results.

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Buttock Implants

Enhance your buttock shape and size

Our skilled surgeon, Dr. Nathan Newman, will work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring a tailored buttock augmentation that perfectly complements your unique body shape. Using our state or the art surgery center, Orchid Surgery Center, and the latests advancements in technology you can expect natural results with minimal scarring and a smooth recovery process.

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OUR patients

Absolutely LOVE this office!!! Nualla is the best injector I have gone to. She is the best of the best and gives big results while keeping everything completely natural. When it comes to your face, you certainly want to go someplace you can trust- Dr Newman’s office is that place!!
Mary g.