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Are you tired of living with joint pain, limiting your activities and dampening your quality of life? And are you also afraid of going under the knife? Dr. Newman has innovated incredible procedures that require no cutting, no general anesthesia and very little downtime. His goal is to optimize your life- whether this means removing joint pain, or enhancing your appearance you can rest assured you will be in the best of hands. Below you will find some treatments Dr. Newman commonly does to combat joint pain.

Stem Cell Treatment

Regenerate damaged joints
Heal torn tendons/ligaments
Alleviate joint pain

Harness the power of your body’s own regenerative capabilities with Dr. Newman’s innovative Stem Cell Lift®. This transformative procedure takes stem cells found in your own fat to repair and regenerate any damage in your joints. As there are no incisions, sutures or cutting- there is no need for general anesthesia and the downtime can be as little as a few days! The stem cells work in two main ways: firstly, they have the extraordinary ability to differentiate into cartilage, ligaments and other specialized cells found in your joints- this means that can help promote tissue repair. Secondly, stem cells possess anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and pain associated with musculoskeletal damage. With a quick, easy injection of stem cells you’ll be back to running, jumping and dancing around!

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

Stimulate repair of damage joint
Alleviate joint pain

PRP is an autologus blood-derived product that may improve wound healing, tissue graft take, and enhance stem cell activity. The platelets release growth factors that stimulate stem cells and aid in wound healing. Similar to a blood test at a doctor’s office, blood is drawn from your vein in the same manner. The blood is then centrifuged to separate the concentrated platelets. The concentrated platelets are drawn up with some plasma from the centrifuged blood. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) may be used alone or in conjunction with the Stem Lift® procedure, depending on what your specific ailment is- Dr. Newman will devise a unique treatment plan to alleviate your pain.


OUR Patients

An absolutely wonderful doctor. Nathan Newman is a master of the stem cell lift and a lovely man. His entire office makes the visit a most unusually positive and enjoyable experience as well as medically effective due to his expertise as well as the wonderful collection of women there from Misty to Noelle to Rosie and Michelle and the others. They're all Wonderful, both professionally and personally. A Great office, hands down. 6 stars.
G. Karubian