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Perfecting your facial contours is not a “one fits all” treatment. Dr. Newman prides himself in creating unique treatment plans to address a variety of concerns that all affect your facial contours. Focusing on natural results, our goal is not to change who you are, but to turn the clock back and restore your youthful appearance. Below are a few of the most popular treatments Dr. Newman uses to enhance your facial contours.

Stem Cell Lift® Treatment

Lift your Cheeks
Sculpt your jawline
Straighten your nose
Balance your chin

Dr. Newman’s Stem Cell Lift® facelift technique offers a new paradigm in cosmetic surgeries as it addresses and overcomes the problems encountered with the traditional “cut and pull” methods. First, because there is no cutting, scars or sutures- the Stem Cell Lift® stimulates improvement in the skin quality opposed to just stretching thin skin which can accelerate the aging process. It also corrects the main cause of an aging face which is volume loss without altering the natural anatomy of your face. The procedure can be performed with a local anesthesia, there is no need for general anesthesia and since there is no cutting, that means no scars around the face! With this revolutionary procedure, you can turn back the clock- by restoring the volume loss and skin quality you will look energized and youthful.

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Hyaluronic Fillers

Sculpt your cheeks
Define your jawline
Quick & easy with little to no downtime

Using only FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers, it is easier than ever to get a natural full face rejuvenation. By balancing the proportions or accentuating certain features, Dr. Newman can skillfully sculpt your youthful appearance back. Come experience the best hand, first hand and you’ll understand why fillers at our office are a different caliber. Pair skillful technique, with an artistic approach, and a compassionate bedside manner- and you’ve got the perfect facial contouring trifecta.

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OUR PatientS

Highly recommended hand on amazing staff very clean and the treatments are the newest hi tech The acne treatment is absolutely the best! Also the botox and fillersThank you Dr. Nathan Newman
Shani. C
Dr. Nathan Newman and Staff are very knowledgeable,caring, and kind ! They took very good care of me while I had stem cell and prp treatment! I'm very glad I went and would recommend their care highly!
Sarah M.
Amazing experience. Staff is great. Very clean and welcoming. I highly recommend this office.
S. Hanasab