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With Dr. Newman’s skillful artistry and his cutting edge technology, your body will be toned, sculpted and firm! His innovative treatments help target loose skin and excess fat while stimulating collagen production- below are a few of the most common treatments Dr. Newman uses to restore your youthful body.

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RadioFrequency with Microneedling and Exosomes

Restore skin quality

Lift loose skin

Scarlet, the most advanced Radiofrequency and microneedling device, utilizes targeted radiofrequency to generate an electrothermal reaction beneath the skin’s surface to tighten any loose skin and leave your skin with that youthful bounce it once had. With results that mimic a “mommy makeover” but without the scars and almost no downtime! Our office combines this incredible treatment with the all-natural, plant based exosomes, EXO|E, to not only eliminate downtime but to increase efficacy.  EXO|E technology is a revolutionary advancement in stem cell technology. Created by Dr. Nathan Newman, the EXO|E product line uses plant-based stem cell secretory factors to reduce inflammation while stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. EXO|E is more than just a topical exosome; it is actually 15 billion exosomes plus extracellular nanoparticle technology that includes growth factors, peptides, liposomes, and anti-inflammatory factors. These factors are safe, effective, and biomimetic, meaning they emulate human-derived factors.


Remove excess fat

With over 25 years experience with liposuction, Dr. Newman has mastered this surgical technique. With specially designed instruments, his unique approach will gently remove any excess fat without the need for general anesthesia. With this innovative, gentle approach your unwanted fat will be gone and your body will be smooth and youthful.

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Agnes: Mirconeedling, Radiofrequency, and exosomes for fat melting​

Agnes: Mirconeedling, Radiofrequency, and exosomes for fat melting

Non surgical fat removal
Tighten loose skin

Agnes is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that uses micro-insulated needles to precisely treat excess skin and fat. This one of a kind platform allows for removal of excess fat and stimulation of collagen to firm the skin. Our office pairs with treatment with the topical exosome line, EXO|E. This innovative line, created by Dr. Nathan Newman, uses the power of plant based stem cell factors to reduce inflammation and boost the effects of the treatment. Packed with more than 15 billion exosomes (plus extracellular nanoparticle technology that includes growth factors, peptides, liposomes, and anti-inflammatory factors) this revolutionary product is what differentiates our outstanding results.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

Tighten and remove excess skin

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that involves removal of excess skin around the abdomen. With Dr. Newmans expert surgical skills, we specialize in delivering exceptional results that go beyond what diet and exercise can achieve. With about a month of downtime, this procedure can be absolutely life transformative.

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OUR patients

I have used Dr. Newman’s skincare line since 2014 through Jeunesse Beauty Network, & have been listening to his presentations on advanced skincare technology. But finally at 68 yrs. old I felt that my skin needed the extra touch of skin rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Newman was so friendly & caring & he did a thorough health analysis. I told him of my areas of concern in my face & neck and hands. He listened and made recommendations both for present & future treatments. I’m so pleased with results just from the first visit!
Melinda O.