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Stem Cell Face Lift

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Newman innovated his groundbreaking procedure, the Stem Cell Lift®. A procedure that uses stem cells from your own fat to reverse the signs of aging in the most natural, effective and safest way possible. This revolutionary approach takes a three-dimensional approach to anti-aging: restoring volume loss while lifting the skin. Even more, these powerful stem cells will rejuvenate your skin- so not only will your youthful cheeks, smooth under eyes and sculpted jawline be returned, but your skin will glow with a renewed smooth and hydrated complexion.

As this procedure uses your own stem cells, concentrated from your own fat, it includes a bonus mini liposuction….so you get the opportunity to remove that stubborn fat pocket while restoring your youthful appearance. This approach is completely natural, patient-specific, and in line with the unique anatomical features of every individual, resulting in a remarkably refreshed and youthful appearance.

The power of stem cells is truly unbelievable, but arguably what is more incredible is that Dr. Newman can combine his wealth of stem cell knowledge, his artistic eye and skillful surgical hands to give the most natural results. His unique technique of gently removing the fat, concentrating the stem cells and then reinjecting them in JUST the right area to restore your proportions is what motivate his patients to see him from all over the world.

The Stem Cell Lift procedure

This revolutionary procedure is carried out in one day at our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center, Orchid Surgery Center. It typically takes about 4-6 hours to complete and is usually done without the need for general anesthesia. Most patients take an oral sedative to help them relax and sleep through the procedure.

            Part One: Mini Liposuction

Prior to removing any fat, Dr. Newman injects a numbing solution (tumescent solution) with a thin blunt cannula. This solution allows for a quick, easy and pain-free fat harvesting.
Unlike traditional liposuction, no suction machine is used to accelerate the rate at which the fat cells are removed. Dr Newman carefully and gently extracts your fat cells- since we are grafting these cells, it is crucial to ensure they are removed in a manner that does not damage or destroy them.

              Part two: The Stem Cell Lift®

After serial concentration and washing of your cells, the potent stem cell enriched fat is ready to be injected
Nerve blocks (similar to what you receive at the dentist) are given prior to any injections to numb the face.
Stem Cell Injections
Using a specially designed blunt, cannula- Dr. Newman skillfully sculpts back your youthful proportions using your own concentrated stem cell enriched fat.

              Part three: Healing

Immediately after the procedure you will be swollen and possibly bruised (only about 25% of patients experience post procedure bruising). Over the next 2 weeks this swelling will subside and you will look youthful and rested.
"Down Time"
Although you may experience some soreness and swelling, you can resume your normal daily activities starting the day after your procedure. We recommend waiting 1-2 weeks to resume vigorous exercise.