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A New Solution For Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

By: Nathan Newman M.D

Realize Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution with the Avacen Normalizer.  This technological breakthrough helps restore your body’s balance and improve your metabolism through optimization of your core body temperature.

Increase Your Metabolism Naturally To Lose Weight

Until now weight loss treatments beyond a healthy diet and regular exercise resorted to pills, to suppress appetite or to increase metabolism, and to surgery, such as liposuction, lap band or gastric bypass to reduce the body’s fat content. Now, this new technology has made it possible for you to safely and naturally increase and maintain your metabolism by optimizing your core body temperature. Most people who cannot lose weight or regain their weight after dieting, using pills and even surgery suffer from lower body core temperatures that reduce their metabolism.  The Avacen Normalizer improves your body’s temperature and thereby increases your metabolism.  The optimized body temperature increases your metabolism, causing you to burn off more calories and therefore lose weight.

How Does Avacen Work?

The Avacen technology has the ability to non-invasively raise or reduce your core body temperature through adjusting the temperature in the blood vessels found in your hands and fingers. You simply put your hand in a device and lightly hold on top the heating/cooling cone inside the machine.  There is no pain, injections, or down time.  After the treatment the brain is signaled to adjust the body temperature to a more optimal degree.

Is It Safe?

Yes. The machine has many safety features and works in a natural and safe way to optimize your body temperature without over heating/cooling you. 

How Long Is The Treatment?

Each treatment session takes about 7 to 10 minutes. Over time the brain learns to keep the core body temperature closer to the optimal 98.6◦ F.  This adjustment time varies from person to person and is dependant on many factors, such as your hormonal balance, your basal metabolic rate (BMR), your level of stress, your lifestyle and your social habits.

Can I Get The Machine To Use At Home?

Yes. If you are unable to come to my office in Beverly Hills to receive the Avacen treatment, you can purchase the machine to use at home. You may learn more about how you can benefit from this technological breakthrough by visiting www.AVACEN.com/newman.html

Combination Treatments

This New Year, 3 new technologies can help you realize and keep your New Year's resolution safely, easily, naturally, effectively, quickly and non-invasively, without down-time, rigorous exercise or dieting, or need for recovery.  First, the optimization of your core body temperature with the Avacen Normalizer can increase your basal metabolic rate and help you burn off calories.  Second, the Zerona™ laser can help you shrink your fat cells and lose inches in just 2 weeks.  Third, Kangen Ionized Water can help restore your body’s balance, detoxify, and reduce your weight. 

Safe, Fast, Easy, Extreme Measures May Not Be Necessary

Sometimes there is no need to take extreme measures in order to achieve noticeable improvement in your appearance and overall well-being. These new and advanced methods are the perfect example of how such simple yet efficient treatments can improve your bodily functions, while at the same time rewarding you with a slimmer self.

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