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Using Ionized Water to Firm and Tone Your Skin

By: Dr. Nathan Newman

With the green revolution, comes the integration of alternative medicine into traditional western medicine to help you live longer, younger and healthier.  In Japan, hospitals use a very acidic ionized water to help clean wounds, treat diabetic ulcers and help disinfect the bacteria and viruses without the need for caustic chemicals. This acidic ionized water can also be used on the skin to help reduce inflammation, irritation and itching.  It has been further noted that people who regularly use ionized acidic soft water to wash their face tend to have younger looking skin.  The go green ionized beauty water has been integrated into traditional facial techniques to help give you clear, soft, youthful and healthy skin.

What is a Facial?
A professional facial may include the following steps:
Skin analysis, cleansing the skin, removing excess oils and dirt, removing rough dead skin, extractions to open clogged pores such as black heads, exfoliation (microdermabrasion, Newman Peel, other chemical peels), facial massage, customized facial masks to treat a variety of skin conditions (acne, sun damaged and aging skin), application of toners and protective creams, and advice on skin care products to maintain your results.

The Benefits of Facials
There are many variations and additions to the traditional European facial, yet all facials are done to restore the youthful softness, clear complexion and an even-toned glow to your skin.  Facial treatments may help clear acne, sun spots and skin discoloration, and wrinkles.

Ionized Beauty Water Facials: The pH Effect
It has been discovered that the characteristics of water change based on its pH.  The presence of excess sediments, such as calcium, in water causes the pH of the water to rise and become alkaline.  This water is called hard water and is harsh on the skin.  As the water is ionized to a lower pH, the water is acidified and this acidic water is called soft water.  Applying the ionized soft acidic water to the skin will help to keep the pores open and help clear up excess bacteria, reducing acne and other blemishes.  In addition, it works as an astringent to firm and tone the skin and to help reduce wrinkles, premature aging and acceleration of oxidative cascades of cell wall destruction, which causes wrinkling and age spots.

How Often Should I Get A Facial?
Your facial needs are based on your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature) and medical skin conditions.  You may need to start a series of treatment sessions that are spaced close together to give you the desired results and then maintain your results with facials at longer intervals.  Depending on your skin condition you may benefit from getting a facial at two to six week intervals initially, followed by quarterly continuation treatments.

Facials & Cosmetic Procedures
A professional facial is a non invasive and economical treatment that will help maintain a clean, glowing and youthful appearance and may prevent the need for more complicated and more costly treatments.  Regular facial treatments and a proper skin care regimen will help maintain and even enhance the results of your cosmetic procedures. 

Go Green Beauty Facial
The Go Green Beauty Facial combines the unique and natural advantages of ionized acidic water with traditional facial methods to benefit you with the desired fresh, smooth, toned, clear and beautiful skin.

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