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Liposuction, Liposculpture,Tummy Tuck
Medical and Surgical Weight management

By Dr. Nathan Newman

Many diet fads have come and gone without much success of a long term reduction in weight.  For many who try diets and are unsuccessful to lose weight medical causes of such weight gain must be considered.  In some individuals liposuction can be used to de-bulk their fat in order to help them lose weight and to motivate them to maintain their new body shape.  In others liposculpture can be utilized to remove genetically predisposed pockets of fat that seem not to melt despite rigorous diet and exercise. 

Medical Weight Management
Medical causes of weight gain mainly occur because of an imbalance in the hormone system.  Most commonly associated medical conditions are Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and Insulin Resistance Syndrome (IRS), all of which can be tested for with the appropriate blood test and treated with medications. 
In addition to testing for medically treatable causes of weight gain, an appropriately healthy diet regimen along with a regular and effective exercise routine must be implemented as an overall lifestyle modification.  When willpower is not enough to control hunger appetite suppressants (such as Ginzapine, Tenuate, bontril, etc), and fat binders (Alli) can be prescribed with regular physician monitoring to help ensure patient safety and to follow and guide them in their lifestyle change

Surgical Weight Management
Today, three surgical options are most commonly available to patients who cannot lose the weight through medical weight management. 

In people where the large mass of the fat precludes them from doing the needed exercise required to lose the weight one or a series of liposuction procedures carried out under local or general anesthesia can be carried out to reduce the fat bulk and enable the patient to start an exercise routine.  The positive change in one’s physical appearance attained from liposuction becomes a source of motivation and improved self image which is essential to achieve an appropriate lifestyle change.  Likewise, individuals whose motivation to maintain a desired physique is much stronger than their ability to achieve their desired body shape through diet and exercise may also benefit from liposuction.  

Pockets of fat, such as the love handles, the neck, the lower abdomen, the lateral thighs and the knees, that are resistant to dietary modification and exercise are removed by the liposculpture technique.  This method is commonly used to sculpt the body under local anesthesia.  In some people, mesotherapy treatment such as Lipozap may be an alternative to the liposculpture method.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
If there is too much loose skin then a tummy tuck may be more appropriate to remove the excess skin and fat.  Usually this is still combined with a liposculpture procedure to remove the fat from the areas that the tummy tuck does not address.  
Bariatric Surgery
Gastric by-pass and gastric ring surgeries have gained favor with obese patients with associated medical conditions.  Such patients lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period and therefore require cosmetic procedures, such as abdominoplasty, arm lift thigh lift, and face lift to remove the loose excess skin and correct abdominal hernias that are commonly seen in such patients.

Maintaining Your Investment
A lifestyle modification with appropriate eating habits and exercise routine are a must to ensure a stable body weight and a long-lasting surgical result.  Only after a thorough medical evaluation should you consider any surgical option. 

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