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The Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock Enhancement as part of Lipo Body Sculpting

Your ambition to having the perfect body would be incomplete without a nice derriere.  Your looks depend on the location of the fat and its proportional distribution in the body. Excess fat can be removed from areas of the body by liposcuplturing and this fat can be injected to other areas such as the face, hands, and buttocks to naturally enhance the shape of the area. With the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure you get rid of the unwanted fat through liposcuplturing and then recycle this fat to shape your buttocks.


Fat distribution on the lower back, hips, outer thighs, the flanks (love handles), and the fold immediately below the buttocks (banana folds) all contribute to the buttocks looking undesirably wide and long.  By removing the excess fat from these areas, the buttocks will appear shapelier and rounder.  The fat that is removed for the repositioning injections must be “harvested” in a special manner to keep the fat alive and intact.  After enough fat is harvested, then liposculpturing can be completed with advanced liposuction techniques.

Fat Repositioning

The excess fat that is harvested from the other parts of the body can be used to shape and augment any part of the body including the buttocks.  The fat is injected in a precise and systematic fashion in to the buttocks to increase their volume and enhance their appearance.  The repositioning of the fat into the buttocks is scar free and with minimal pain or recovery time.  The degree of change from the fat injections into the buttocks is dependant on the volume of fat being injected, relative to the area.  The buttocks' relatively large area require that a sizeable amount of fat be harvested and transferred for optimal results.  The volume of fat removed from the stored areas will contour and sculpt these areas, while the fat transferred to the buttocks will fill, lift and accentuate the buttocks.  Even dimples and cellulite on the buttocks will be dramatically improved with this procedure, as the skin and tissues will become tighter and smoother.

The Fat Repositioning Butt Lift Procedure & Recovery

The procedure can be done under local anesthesia or if you choose under general anesthesia.  You will have some soreness and swelling in the area for a few days which usually does not require pain medication.  There is not much down time with the procedure, and most patients are able to return to work in two to four days, and resume their regular exercise routine in about two weeks.

Fat Repositioning vs. Butt Implants

The Brazilian Fat Repositioning Butt Lift is a more comprehensive, safe and natural way to augment the buttocks.  The fat has many advantages in that it is natural and undetectable, it is scarless, it does not move from the area that it has been injected into, and it feels firm but not hard.

The implants used in the buttocks, however, require cutting the skin which leaves a scar.  The buttock implants have many disadvantages including the potential for dislodging from their position, the need to be removed in case of infection, and an uncomfortably hard feel.


Liposculpture and fat repositioning are utilized in a synergistic manner to enhance your figure and shape your body to a cosmetically desirable, fit and proportioned contour.
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