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Smart Lipo & Cool Lipo Laser Liposuction.

The new lasers that melt fat & tighten skin

By: Dr. Nathan Newman

Two laser systems have been introduced in the battle against the undesired pockets of fat that do not go away despite your hardest efforts of dieting and exercising.  These lasers are now part of an expanding armamentarium of advanced tools, methods and techniques available today to battle unwanted fat bulges.   

Laser Fat Busters

Laser liposuction is technically called Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL).   Laser liposuction uses laser light energy to melt unwanted fat pockets. The laser procedure may be used to treat small fat pockets on any part of the body, such as the jowls, neck, arms, thighs, etc. 

The Laser Liposuction Procedure

As with any liposuction procedure done today, the targeted fat is injected with a tumescent solution that will prepare the fat for even removal and protect the other tissues from damage during the procedure.  With the tumescent technique the liposuction procedure may be performed with local anesthesia. Unlike other laser treatments that are done on the skin the laser liposuction uses optical fiber through a cannula needle to penetrate under the skin into the fat pocket.  The laser then heats the water around and in the fat which melts the fat.  The melted fat oil is then drained through the needle puncture site on the skin. 

Laser Liposuction Recovery

After the procedure the treated area is wrapped with a pressure garment to reduce swelling, speed healing and to achieve optimal results. You will experience soreness and some swelling for about two weeks as you would with any liposuction procedure. You will be able to resume normal daily activities the same or the next day after surgery.  I recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for up to two weeks.

Smart Lipo & Cool Lipo

There are a few differences between the two laser systems available today. Each laser uses a different wavelength of light energy to heat and melt the fat. Both lasers have independently shown safety and good results if used properly by appropriately trained physicians.  There is a specific risk of burn from the laser, in addition to the usual risks associated with tumescent liposuction.  The main advantage of the laser systems may be not the fat removal as much as their skin tightening effect.

Cool Lipo & Smart Lipo vs. Titan

All of these lasers have proven to tighten skin.  The Titan’s unique advantage is that it produces consistent and predictable results to tighten loose skin without any need for anesthetic as it is virtually painless, and offers little down time. However, the Titan is used on the skin and will only treat the loose skin and not the fat.  The laser lipo systems use a needle to laser under the skin and although there is a short period of recovery the excess fat is simultaneously removed.  In some patients, a combination of Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo with Titan treatments may be able to give such good results that a cutting and scarring neck lift, arm lift, or thigh lift procedure will be made unnecessary.  

 Laser Lipo & STARS Lipo Combo

One of the limitations of the laser systems is that they can only treat small pockets of fat and therefore do not replace liposuction.  In some cases it may be beneficial to remove the excess fat with the power assisted STARS liposuction method to contour the body and then use the Cool Lipo laser to help tighten the skin.

 Laser lipolysis vs. mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has been used successfully and safely to inject a cocktail of anti-cellulite solutions, such as LipoDissolve, to treat cellulite, melt small pockets of unwanted fat and correct liposuction irregularities.  The Smart Lipo and Cool Lipo lasers may be used similarly to smooth and tighten the skin.  LipoZap is a combination procedure of mesotherapy injections, followed by skin treatments with a body contouring machine such as Velasmooth or Dermasonic, to reduce fat and tighten skin.  The LipoZap procedure, like the Smart Lipo or the Cool Lipo system, is meant for reducing small pockets of fat.





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