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Chin & Jaw Enhancement

The structure of the chin and the jaw are very important in how the face and neck look aesthetically.  Most men need a solid chin and a well defined jaw line to look masculine and strong.  In women, the projection of the chin and the definition of the jaw line is essential to having a desirable contour of the face and neck.  Genetic makeup, weight changes, facial volume loss over the years, skin laxity and social and environmental factors all play a role in the appearance of the chin and jaw structures and how it changes over the years. 

The aging process causes the loss of fat in the cheeks and in the pre-jowl sulcus, along with the accumulation of fat and loose skin in the jowls and under the neck (sub-mental) area. Stem Cell Lift™ is the natural, safe, long lasting method to restore volume in the face and contour it using stem cell enhanced fat cells to sculpt the face back to its youthful appearance.  This scalpel-free, scar-free procedure may be performed under local anesthesia to define, augment and smooth out the chin and jaw line.

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