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Neck Lift

A person's neck can sag at any age and the neck area can be a source of self-consciousness. Its effect on how clothes are worn can be significant. 

Skin laxity on the neck can be corrected by the Titan laser.  This laser can tighten the loose skin on the neck without scars, pain, or downtime. 

To learn more about Titan™, Contour Thread Lift ™, Titan ™ & Liposuction, please read Dr. Nathan Newman’s article on: Neck Rejuvenation & Titan

Suspension lift methods called Thread Lift or Ribbon Lift use specially designed threads or other products to lift the neck with minimal incision.

The other option is the Mini Lift or Short Scar Neck Lift to tighten just the neck, or a full face lift where the face and the neck are lifted and the skin is tightened.
For those who have some fullness under the chin, the neck fat can be dissolved by the lipodissolve mesotherapy method.  A series of these injections can reduce the amount of fat on the neck and jowls and induce some skin tightening.

Liposuction or Liposculpture is another option in removing the fat and causing the skin to tighten on the neck. 

For the turkey neck area where there are visible bands or cords under the chin area the treatments may include:

• Botox to the muscles of the neck that are associated with these cords
• Suspension Thread or Ribbon Lift to pull up the loosened skin and muscle causing the turkey-neck appearance
• Submental plasty where the under chin area is opened and the muscle bands are released from the skin and the muscles sutured together.