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I have been a member of this group for nearly a year and am grateful to all the members who share their experiences. I was diagnosed with vulvar and anal lichen sclerosus in July 2011. I have followed advice from several members and had varying degrees of success with many of their suggestions. Clobetasol was a nightmare, dietary changes helped some, supplements also provided some relief but the miracle for me started 1 week ago when I received my first stem cell treatment from Dr. Newman. Within 24 hours I could see tissue repairing. After 1 week I have had more improvement than I had in a year of trying various ways of managing this disease. I have no doubt our bodies are capable of repairing themselves and am amazed in my case how quickly this process is unfolding. I cannot recommend Dr. Newman and his staff highly enough. Not only is the treatment cutting edge but every person I came into contact with in his office is exceptional. My experience to date is nothing short of miraculous. --K.B.

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